Keller Canyon Landfill

Keller Canyon Landfill Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Allied Waste Industries. The Keller Canyon Landfill opened on May 7, 1992 as a Class II Landfill operating under permit number 07-AA-0032. The facility accepts municipal solid waste, non-liquid industrial waste, contaminated soils, ash, grit and sludges. Keller Canyon Landfill is closed to the public.

Facility Size
Keller Canyon Landfill covers 2,600 acres of land; 244 acres are permitted for disposal. The site currently handles 2,500 tons of waste per day, although the permit allows up to 3,500 tons of waste per day to be managed at the facility.

Wetlands Education Program

In conjunction with the Pittsburg Unified School District, Keller Canyon Landfill offers a seasonal wetlands education program. For more information, please contact or call (925) 685-4711.

Kelley Canyon Landfill Tours

Landfill Design
The composite liner system at the landfill was designed to meet or exceed all state and federal regulations. The containment system consists of two feet of compacted clay with a maximum permeability of 1x10 -7 cm/sec covered by an 80-mil-thick high-density polyethylene (HDPE) textured geomembrane. Beneath the liner system is a one-foot thick layer of sand that intercepts groundwater and conveys it to an adjacent wetlands mitigation area. The leachate collection and removal system is located directly on top of the composite liner. This system consists of a 12 oz/yd 2-cushion geotextile, a 1-foot-thick granular layer and a 6 oz/yd 2 filter geotextile. HDPE pipes are located within the granular layer to increase the system's efficiency.

Environmental Monitoring Systems
The groundwater monitoring system consists of 24 wells, 19 piezometers and 4 springs which are sampled or measured monthly, quarterly or annually. Leachate is sampled from the leachate holding tanks after 50,000 gallons have accumulated. The site has a sedimentation basin that is monitored during and after each rainfall or quarterly, whichever is greater. Radiation is monitored by radiation detectors located at the scalehouse. Landfill gas monitoring probes are located at 29 positions around the perimeter of the site.

Wetlands and Open Water Habitat Management
Keller Canyon Landfill supports 7.21 acres of wetlands within the 2,600 acres of the Keller property. The objective of the wetlands project is to increase the total amount of available habitat on the property by constructing new wetlands and enhancing existing wetlands and riparian habitat.

Keller Canyon Landfill Company
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