Motor Oil and Oil Filters
  • Pour motor oil into a clear plastic container like a plastic milk jug.
  • Tape lid to close it securely.
  • Place beside your recycling cart.
  • Maximum of three (3) gallons of oil per pickup.
  • Place oil filters in a sealable plastic bag, i.e., Ziploc bag, seal.
  • Place beside your recycling cart.
Cooking Oil
  • Pour cooking oil into a clear container like a plastic milk jug.
  • Tape lid to close it securely.
  • Call customer service and schedule a HHW curbside pick up or watch for date in Allied Services bill for annual collection of cooking oil.
Electronic Waste

State law prohibits putting CRTs (televisions and computer monitors), computers, keyboards, printers, fax machines, cellular phones, DVD players, VCRs, radios and other electronics in the garbage.
Electronic waste must be taken to a licensed facility. Several local e-waste companies offer free curbside pickup of electronic waste. For a list of these and other e-waste facilities in your area, visit http://awsccc. com.
Allied Waste also offers curbside pickup of electronics. To schedule a pickup, call Customer Service at (707) 747-0608.

Old Medications

DON'T flush your drugs. Dispose of old medicines safely. Remove label from container. Recycle container. Place crushed or liquid medication in an absorbent substance (like wet shredded paper or coffee grounds) in a Ziploc bag. Put in trash. Also watch for "take back" programs.